Live at the Apollo, S9 E1. Eddie Izzard, Josh Widdicombe, Trevor Noah. (45 Minute Versions)

*Contains adult humour.
Stand-up comedy Live at the Apollo (45 Minute Versions). Eddie Izzard introduces Josh Widdicombe & South Africa’s Trevor Noah. Feb 2014

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22 Replies to “Live at the Apollo, S9 E1. Eddie Izzard, Josh Widdicombe, Trevor Noah. (45 Minute Versions)”

  1. Tim Davis

    When Trevor does an impression of his mother saying,
    "I don't care,I don't care",it just feels- funny, by that I mean ,it feels like he's channeling his mom, because he knows her so well,and she's funny!😄👍😂👀

  2. Tim Davis

    29:42 Couldn't' help next noticing him use the name Steve as that of god,though not the traditional reference of a physical specimen,a reference to a supreme being,which is what this guy was to me.😌💪👀🔥🌎

  3. Tim Davis

    First–LOVE his name,I said it before,but it bares repeating, its so unique,as is he.
    Other than his last name(Izzard), I have a great fondness for his first name, Eddie-stay with,this gets a bit confusing- I knew this guy whose last name was Eddie,and have mentioned him before in a comment I had about another talented guy whose first name is Eddie,Eddie Money-but I digress- I'd mentioned how this guy I knew whose last name was Eddie was like onto a Greek God, and Eddie opens his act here with that very phase- I know, weird-right.
    I've mentioned the name Eddie-well, 7 times now ,which is considerably less than the number of different occasions that I socially interacted with this badass Adonis-who, when I'd turned 13,had become my next to,next door neighbor-I like to refer to it as being 3 doors down,just because one of my favorite songs by that group is about Superman-'Kryptonite',which is yet one more descriptive for this guy-especially because he came to my aid on two of those occasions-not to mention that his first name is shared by my fav superhero-Steve Rogers:aka-Captain America.
    So I was watching Eddie Izzard on a game show,remembered seeing his stand up years ago,loved him then, still love his brit-wit, today,is I googled his stand up,and came across his act at the Apollo, and he opens with a reference to a
    relevent subject to the name of Apollo-Greek Gods, and I can't help recalling this pertinent persons name,who I think of as being a Greek God,
    (trust me,I did not exaggerate that reference).
    p.s.- when I was 13, this guy had challenged me to a Roman /Greco wrestling match one day in my bedroom-yet one more reason I feel justified in using the descriptive-
    Greek God.!!!😌💭⚡⚡⚡🌎⚡⚡⚡💪

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