Limneos AudioRecorder [ Call Recorder ] for iOS 11 Released !!!

Its work with Electra Jailbreak

Install Instruction :-

AudioRecorder iOS 11 install instructions iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2, for Electra Jailbreak only

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9 Replies to “Limneos AudioRecorder [ Call Recorder ] for iOS 11 Released !!!”

  1. Seda Yonca

    II have iphone 8 plus 11.1.2. I jailbreak with Electra b6-3. I install to AudioRecorder with WinSCP in PC. But I couldnt buy license because Paypal payment system not pass in our country Turkey. If another payment type use like credit card for Turkey country, we can pay and use the AudioRecorder iOS 11. Thank you very much.

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