Is Oneplus 6T faster than the Note 9? Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs OnePlus 6T Speedtest Comparison!

This is the speedtest comparison between the newly released OnePlus 6T and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
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The Oneplus 6T comes with a 6.41 inch Full HD+ AMOLED panel with a Water Drop notch at the top and a small chin at the bottom.

The new One plus 6T comes with the latest Snapdragon 845 along with 6/8GB RAM and 128GB/256…

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43 Replies to “Is Oneplus 6T faster than the Note 9? Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs OnePlus 6T Speedtest Comparison!”

  1. Marshal

    What's better take 1+6T 256 GB or Note 9 512 ? I like price on 1+ but Note 9 have a lot head over to 1+. Who's battery better ? Who's camera better ? Who's better for daily use?

  2. Paarth Jain

    What do u get by making such fake videos…. I have compared them side by side with my 1000rs. On the line and Note 9 won it by 66 seconds… If u want money… dont take it by such fake means

  3. Akshay Saluja

    These two phones fall under different segments and shouldn’t be compared. OP 6t may be few seconds faster than note 9 but that doesn’t matter much.N9 has tons of features plus expandable memory, 3.5 mm headphone jack, no notch and better display,water cooling system, bigger battery, AKG tuned headphones worth of 6k with it, harman dolby speakers, DEX technology, IP68 and the spen is cherry on the top. But if you don’t want those features and are happy with what OP 6T offers, then you have made the right choice buying it. Peace ✌🏻

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