iPhone7 vs Xperia XZ camera test

Apple iPhone 7 vs Sony Xperia XZ video test
1080p @ 30fps

Sony Xperia XZ unbox / first impression

My vlog (Sony Xperia XZ video sample)

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27 Replies to “iPhone7 vs Xperia XZ camera test”

  1. Alessandro LinuxBSD

    The Apple iPhone 7 look more natural to me while the Sony Xperia XZ confirm a strong yellow color cast (see even on other videos), while is a tad brighter, during low light.
    I think this color cast issue destory its better performance, in term of luminosity, during low light. Such a pity.

  2. Alex

    In bright light Sony XZ is SLIGHTLY better than iPhone 7. In low light iPhone 7 is MUCH better than Sony XZ.

    Overall, if you will be shooting in both bright light and dim light I guess iPhone 7 is just slightly better than Sony XZ.

    Overall as a phone, I will probably end up getting Sony XZ because it is 50% the price of iPhone 7, has a headphone jack, and is more customisable because it is android.

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