iPhone XS / XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X Battery Life DRAIN TEST

Battery Life drain Test of the New 2018 iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone X vs OnePlus 6! This Battery Life Drain Test will show us which smartphone has the best battery life! GIVEAWAY:
1x iPhone XS Max
2x iPhone XS
3x Upcoming Honor Smartphone

Giveaway is free and International, and to enter you just need to be following my social media accounts!
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20 Replies to “iPhone XS / XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X Battery Life DRAIN TEST”

  1. DiamondOwl

    If you ever need a daily dose of cancer and down syndrome, make sure to visit a comparison test video's comment section where you'll find your usual dumbasses thinking they're roasting an entire company.

  2. A Kemp

    Omg the note 9 has shocking battery management it’s all good having a big battery but well you can see for yourself yes I phone are a lot of money if your poor then your android if your like me then you will have your Xs max on its way I phone are the best smart phone ms you can get like it or not all you apple haters wats the bet someone comments i sheep the Xs max beats the note 9 in every aspect fact

  3. Eagle Eye

    When you buy an new iPhone his battery is amazing after 1 week hell starts his battery gets weaker and drain faster but Samsung battery stays forever like its the new one thats the reason every one says Samsung got better battery

  4. Bennie Mangle Jr.

    How about we do a battery charging test from 0% to 100% with charging adapters that come in the box!! Most likely the One Plus 6 will win this type of test, but I believe the Note9, the phone I currently own will beat the iPhones for sure. And oh yeah, why doesn't Apple offer fast charging out of the box?

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