iPhone Xs vs Xs Max – Hands on Impressions!

iPhone Xs vs iPhone Xs Max hands on! Subscribe for my iPhone Xs Max unboxing + review!

The new iPhone Xs & Xs Max feature 5.8″ and 6.1″ OLED displays, Apple’s A12 Bionic Chip, dual 12MP cameras, better battery life and more.

Comparing two of the new 2018 #iPhone models #iPhoneXs vs #iPhoneXsmax

The Perfect 2018 MacBook Pro Setup:

My Audio Setup & Gear:

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44 Replies to “iPhone Xs vs Xs Max – Hands on Impressions!”

  1. Lia B.

    I'm watching this again😂 The gold always got me. Btw, I'm entering your XR giveaway and I really hope I could win it! I really need to upgrade my phone.

  2. Eileen Salgado

    For some reason when you said ‘frames per second’ I thought you said ‘flames per second’ lol

    The control of depth for the photos is something I’m so interested in! Its such a handy feature for those who are avid photo takers and are looking for that extra umph for their photos

  3. boughanmi aymen

    I’m a hardcore apple fan and honestly I don’t really appreciate the high prices of its products but still they offer exceptional features. Maybe I’ll buy one when it’s down to 500$ or so haha

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