iPhone XS vs iPhone XR: What’s the difference?

Apple says it wants to reach a broader audience with its $749 iPhone XR. The Post’s Geoffrey A. Fowler examines the new iPhone XR and compares it to the more advanced iPhone XS. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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42 Replies to “iPhone XS vs iPhone XR: What’s the difference?”

  1. Karla Marin

    I actually ran over my xr by accident, thought it would shatter but nope…the screen was Crazy cracked…went to the store and it just needed a screen replacement the rest was intact!!🙌🏼 crazy!

  2. Stephen Kling

    The XR is the way to go, after trying out both for a week each. The XR besides being more affordable, it’s stronger and longer battery life (which is the most complained about feature on the iPhone besides iOS being unopen for customization like android) last all day for me in constant use and the camera itself (If you consider yourself a serious photographer knows that any editing can be done in a post photo editing app or computer program if you so need)

    As far as screen display goes, sure the oled screen is nice on iPhone X and Xs, but i don’t really think anyone requires that type of brightness when your in public and have had perfectly fine screens from iPhone since the iPhone 4 when it’s retina model first came out. The Liquid Retina still has the retina measurements that is above previous models but without sacrificing battery life!

    There is no longer a need to buy a mophie battery charger case to make it through the day with the XR, and this will save you and any apple elitist who just wants the newest phone even more money and you have even more selections of colors. Truly the best , most practical affordable and stylish, smart decision apple has made with its iPhones since the iPhone 6 and 6 plus.

    Don’t get suckered in to the Xs or Xs max, unless you really just want and don’t need. But all of us need toilet paper, the iPhone XR is the best toilet paper 2ply charming you can buy, but others WANT a duvet (iPhone XS ) Those people in my opinion , are needlessly entitled and impractical and so if the IPhone XS and IPhone XS.

    And like toilets, the money you spend flushes down the same drain, but in this case it’s Apples drain.

  3. Al Dan

    othe iphone XR its a definitely sign of apple degeneration and been quite impolite to costumers.
    I hold this phone- and first that comes in mind- F for this money make so clunky, thick iphone and this price tag? my lord… it is not elegance on it at all, its heavy, ugly- no gold proportion at all.

    and Iam personally iphone X holder and love it. but this one-

    Hello apple- can you please try do some better products for this price. even iphone 7 iphone 8- have elegance, style, polished products.
    But this one- well its nothing to be excited guys.
    for this price where much better products- even Huawei, Samsung.
    Very Very Sad. that is honest.

  4. Sgardy Pena

    Doesn’t speak about how it is not possible to fully appreciate 1080p on the xr as the display does not have a high enough resolution. Additionally the Xr has 3g of ram compared to 4gb of ram on the xs which can affect the longevity of the device. Lastly, ( correct me if I’m wrong ), xr does not support 5g internet speeds while the xs does. I decided on the xs max so I wouldn’t have to upgrade again in a year or two.

  5. Likhan Ghosh

    iPhone is like a Ferrari – beautifully built with cutting edge precision, oozes quality, speed and performance. Android phones are like a car built in a shed that works well for a few weeks, needs constant tinkering, then eventually falls to pieces and dies.

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