iPhone XS, new Apple Watch and everything else we’re expecting

The final rumors about the three new iPhones, the Apple Watch Series 4 and the other devices we may see from Apple at the Sept. 12 event.

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35 Replies to “iPhone XS, new Apple Watch and everything else we’re expecting”


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  2. chigasaki06

    Ugh…until Apple gets rid of that disgusting notch on the iPhone, I'll stick to my Galaxy. I know it's kinda ridiculous and superficial, but that notch makes the phone hideous to me.

  3. MR NON PC

    I hope the next Apple Watch has a speaker that can go as loud as the Galaxy/Gear Watches. Also new Bluetooth 5.0 AirPods that don’t have that ugly Frankenstein long bolt to stick out of your ears.

  4. C —

    It might be hard to understand, but even though your audience might be far away, you don't need to shout for them to hear you. There's volume buttons for that.

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