iPhone XS MAX vs SE! Speed Test!

Hey guys!
I am excited to do this speed test between the SE and the XS max ( biggest vs smallest iOS 12 device). The SE did perform great !

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37 Replies to “iPhone XS MAX vs SE! Speed Test!”

  1. 郑森予

    Good envy Americans, an ordinary American one-third of the monthly wage can buy a xs, which in China have to eat or drink three months to buy, really sad, next life must be reborn to the United States

  2. Bloo95

    This is demonstrates that you don’t need the fanciest CPU in a phone. I know Samsung, Apple, and company love bragging about specs. But, it’s not necessary for a phone of all things.

  3. Ra y

    And those guys chose to close the production of SE to bring the newer models in the table. SE was probably the best or second best iPhone ever made. Sorry XS.

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