iPhone XS Max VS Samsung S9+ Camera Test Camparison

Let’s check out iPhoneXS Mas vs Samsung S9+ detailed camera comparison in this video.
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8 tests Camera test between Apple iPhone Xs Max and Samsung S9+

Test 1: Night View Test
Test 2: Front Camera Portrait Selfie Test
Test 3: Rear Camera Portrait Test
Test 4: Landscape Shot Test
Test 5: Flower Photo Test
Test 6: Macro Shot Test
Test 7: SLOW-Motion Test
Test 8: Image Quality Test

Samsung S9+ vs Huawei P20 pro camera test comparison:

iPhone X vs Huawei P20 ProCamera Test Comparison:

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16 Replies to “iPhone XS Max VS Samsung S9+ Camera Test Camparison”

  1. Patrick Chesbro

    IMO, the S9 has sharper colors to it, but background lighting the iPhone subdues the backlighting glare better but in doing so it sacrifices sharpness of color. I would go with the S9+ the backlighting glare is a lot easier to fix when editing than the color problems of the iPhone.

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