iPhone XS Max vs iPhone X SPEED Test!

Ultimate iPhone XS Max Speed Test vs iPhone X! How Much Faster Is The New A12 in iPhone XS Max? Real World Speed Test, Face ID & Benchmarks.

iPhone XS WATER Test:
iPhone XS DROP Test:
iPhone XS BEND Test:

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30 Replies to “iPhone XS Max vs iPhone X SPEED Test!”

  1. Pallavi Deka

    Apple knew there isn't a huge difference between iPhone X and iPhone Xs. The difference is barely noticeable. Which is why they had to discontinue iPhone X to give iPhone Xs a chance. Something they didn't do with iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 when iPhone 6s and iPhone 8 came out. No one would have bought iPhone Xs if iPhone X was still available at a reduced price. I'll keep my iPhone X. Honestly, even the cameras, i really couldn't tell which pictures were taken with the iPhone X and which ones were taken with iPhone Xs in all the comparisons that I've seen. I mean even put side by side, it was hard to tell.

  2. ima245

    Ok I wanna buy a 256 gb new iPhone cause actually I have a 6s plus and I really have not problems with it but I need that 128 extra GB and a newer device, for the future you know. And no kidding in a second hand store they have the iPhone X, 256 GB two years warranty almost new (no jokes looks super clean, no scratches, not anything) for $1,000 (remember that iPhones out of the us are even more expensive) and the iPhone XS 256 GB is new for $1,500 (the XS max is for almost $1,600)… so, do you think are worth that extra $500? Idk I see speed test and there are not that huge difference. Both have the same screen, the same camera (?) what are the real differences? Do you think is worth pay the extra $500? Thanks for your help

  3. Hafeez Ullah Akbar

    Hey buddy it’s really helpful of you to tell the bugs in the beta version of iOS so Apple can see your videos & fix issues before latest iOS version released to public. Really like sound feature in 3D Touch, new and improved emojis and the new colored watch face. Awesome video as always! 👍✌️

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