iPHONE XS MAX Vs iPHONE 8 PLUS! (Should You Upgrade?) (Review)

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22 Replies to “iPHONE XS MAX Vs iPHONE 8 PLUS! (Should You Upgrade?) (Review)”

  1. Shauntia Cruse

    I love your review, I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out if I should spend my money on upgrading from 8 plus, but I love you review because it’s not only putting the XS max on a pedestal, it’s saying that you should be just fine if you want the 8+ as well

  2. James Twining

    Did you REALLY just say there wasn’t much difference between the iPhone 8 Plus and XS Max? That is so not true. the biggest thing is the screen and Face ID and that is a HUGE upgrade. The screen has a better resolution AND it has no bezels. Then the camera and the new A12 chip. Also better battery. There is a huge difference in these two phones. The price tag of the XS Max is definitely too high, but the iPhone 8 Plus and xs Max have some real big differences and improvements

  3. Corey Allum

    Charging issues on all the new iPhones there is a video on you tube explaining this. Sleeper mode or your phone is off and it does not charge what is that Ya I watched the other video. I have 8plus and the screen is so so kinda small but the phone over all is buttery smooth. I picked it up on a half price deal was originally 699. So for 350 at my carrier I could not pass it up. Oh I also have the android lg v30. I often use one for a while then the other. Um in this case the 8 plus is ok but not the screen the. Max has. But performance wise I have compaired both in store and the 8 plus is just a notch behind. Like android 835 to 845 just a notch behind. Is it worth the upgrade to go from a plus? No way. But in a couple years like next fall 2019. Probably. Do over all a great video. But the expense of the Max is outrageous. Now we're getting into the area of a 3d phone in terms of iPhones price. But anyway. If you have the x or 8 plus PLEASE BE PATIENT WAIT TILL 2020 IF YOU HAVE THE X OR 8 PLUS 2019 FALL. RUMORS of iphone 9???

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