iPhone XS MAX vs Galaxy NOTE 9 vs ONEPLUS 6 vs S9+ 🔥Battery Charging SPEED TEST! (😁LOL)

ARE YOU KIDDING? 5W charger for a $1099 phone? iPhone XS Max is the biggest joke when it comes to battery charging.
When brands are competing with each other over fast charging, Apple includes a 5V 1W adapter with the new iPhone XS and XS Max! OnePlus 6 DASH charger is 20W and even the Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger is 15W, why did Apple cripple the new iPhone? But, the interesting fact is, this 2018 iPhone does support fast charging, but you need to shed more money for that! Apple says you can carry this ‘smaller’ adapter in your pockets!

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46 Replies to “iPhone XS MAX vs Galaxy NOTE 9 vs ONEPLUS 6 vs S9+ 🔥Battery Charging SPEED TEST! (😁LOL)”

  1. Metalmachine467

    My iPhone X’s max runs all night I watch YouTube videos social media and gaming at work in between moving trailers I have no problems going 12 hrs and having 30 percent of battery left when I leave

  2. Arc Solomon

    It should be all phones using fast charger its ridiculous…and if you say that apple ahould include the fast charger right out of the box then thats besides the point thats another topic….u cant compare 5 watts to 25 watts of power.

  3. Magic Mike

    To those who hate Samsung phone Here Regardless Lol if you are a smart samsung user You can use its smart Saver Options wich can last Days. I have a galaxy s5 and can have my battery last 25days on ultra power saving but there is Normal power saving option to wich Saves battery that can last a day and a night if you wanted it to.

  4. iThomas

    TBH my iPhone 6 Plus is 3,5 years old now and the battery health is 87% . I use it everyday and play a lots of game like Vainglory APS8 COC…..! My battery is so so good after 3,5 years even I need more time to charge! My friend use Galaxy s8 plus which it 1,5 years old ,but the battery was bad and he needs to replace it.

  5. Chudasama Bhargavraj Chudasama

    Camera-pixel2xl,battery charging speed-op6,battery backup-huwei honor note 10, performance-op6(same processor in Samsung note9 but it is slower than a12bionic but op6 wins in most apps)…op6t and pixel3xl will beat xsmax in every aspect coz pixel2xl is old phone and uses sd835 but op6t and pixel3xl will use latest sd…

  6. W J

    I am a heavy user of my Note 9…I was delayed for a flight, the Apple users were wall hugging so I didn't charge my phone. I didn't even put it out any power saving…I got just over 27 hrs of time (7 hrs screen on) and had 27% left…I'll be sticking with the Note 9. My S8 Plus was great but…

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