iPhone Xs Max vs Galaxy Note 9: Gigabit LTE Speed Test!

How good is Gigabit LTE on the iPhone Xs Max vs the Galaxy Note 9.

What is Gigabit LTE:
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34 Replies to “iPhone Xs Max vs Galaxy Note 9: Gigabit LTE Speed Test!”

  1. Monsur Ahmed

    Dude this is a great video! After all the rumors about iPhones having slow LTE speeds I was worried about ordering the iphone, but your test made it clear for it me! It's not that big of a difference. Qualcomm always had better modoms then Intel so the results are expected.

  2. CamaroWarrior

    I live in NYC and own a Note 8 on Tmobile and so far the fastest ive got on LTE was 146mbps down and 45.1mbps up at 2:50am…. at home i have Verizon fios Gigabit speed, and on wifi with my Note 8 the fastest i get in the same room as my wifi router is 542mbps down and 559mbps up

  3. Themadbird

    The only think I think should change for speed testing be doing it at the same time. As the network changes every second depending on who's using it and how much datas they need and all that. Doing the speed test at the same time will help get a better probably more accurate number. Other then that grip nice video.

  4. Marks Tech

    ok… I am a little salty cause I'm an iPhone user… but to BE HONEST, what is the exact point in phone cell network speeds? I mean, .. I get having faster wifi on a computer cause you can download 20+gb files really quickly or having fast wifi for ps4/xbox/Apple TV/roku etc. but why on a phone? the most important speeds on a mobile phone isnt even the download speeds, but the upload speeds. according to these tests, the note 9 should crush the iPhone in terms of web browsing.. but when comparing the two in mobile browsing or even downloading from the store – they are pretty much equal. high download speeds dont mean anything if you have low upload speeds.
    upload speeds coincide with download speeds.. upload is how your phone 'talks' to the network.. and download is how the network responds back… you can have a phone with 100000mbps download speed and 20mbps upload speed, and it will load web pages the same as a phone with 100mbps download with 20mbps upload.

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