iPhone Xs Max 1 Week Review

Here’s my mini review of the iPhone Xs Max after one week.

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Video Notes:
iPhone Xs Videos I talked about:

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 Camera Test Comparison!:

Why the iPhone XS MAX camera is actually Amazing for video:

Hey Siri, Drive My Tesla (How To Use iPhone’s New Shortcuts)!:

Gear I Use to Make Videos:
1. Canon C200:
2. Sony A7III:
3. Favorite Prime Lens:
4. Favorite Zoom Lens:
5. Favorite Mic:
6. Complete Gear List:

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40 Replies to “iPhone Xs Max 1 Week Review”

  1. Nagesh Pattanshetty

    Firstly you say, the camera alone might be the biggest reason for you to update to the newer iPhone. Then at around 6:44 you're saying, "If you're someone who likes taking a lot of pictures and videos, then this is not the phone for you". You literally contradicted yourself there.

  2. David Kashton vlogs Conn

    Hey man I'm a big fan of yours. I think you are very good at how you present yourself and the product and content that you vlog about. I am just like you in they I carry an iPhone XS and a Android at all times. I also have a YouTube channel David Kashton Vlogs which if quite in it's infant stages. I hope to one day stand in your shoes and do so at the level in which you do so at. I wanted to ask you being that I carried a one plus 6 Red for a while which by far was the fastest phone I have ever used but I would love to know if you have used the Huawei p20 pro any at all. At the moment and I know the mate 20 pro is about a week away from release which I hope to get my hands on one, what are your thoughts on the p20 pro and have you published a vlog about the p20 pro before? I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts about it. I personally think it's the best device on the market. I say that even though I own a iPhone 10s as well. Tomorrow is a huge day as I will be going to get the 10s Max or I'm going to get the Note 9 and with each or with which ever I end up with I'm also getting the cellular watch that would either be the apple series 4 cellular or the Samsung gear S3 I believe it's called. It's the larger model 46mm with the stainless color bezel. I can't decide which to get so if this message finds you please let me know what you think. I'll be publishing vlogs of course about which ever model I decide to go for. Do you think since I have the 10s 5.8 inch already that it would be a waste to buy the 10s Max?

    Anyways if you can and have the time please check out my latest vlog as it's a detailed breakdown about the Huawei p20 pro plus I speak about the upcoming release of the mate 20, mate 20 pro and mate 20 X which that model is geared towards gaming. I'd be interested in hearing and seeing you create your really well presented content about the p20 pro and huawei honor along with EMUI in general. As always I enjoy watching your vlogs and keeping up with what you have in the works.

    David Kashton

  3. Mister CoconutCurry

    Very informative. Very very few Youtube “tech personalities” even know what shortcuts is not how to work it. It’s almost never mentioned in reviews. Sort of like the Taptic engine and force touch when it first came out. iPhone users love these nuances but tech reviewers only want to find similarities to differentiate.

  4. Guilherme Lunardi

    iPhone X max is finally better then the note Samsung series. I didn’t think the x was better then the note 8 last year. The size the camera on the note was better!! but the iPhone this year made the best smart phone on the market by far. No wonder it’s the biggest company out there. There all about perfection the stainless steel on the sides, the camera is much better then last years. The resolution.. the phone it self looks a lot more premium as well.

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