iPhone XR vs Pocophone F1: $750 vs $300 – Which One Is Better?

➨ Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB+128GB Global Version: | Discount : 17% OFF

Watch our video about Apple iPhone XR and Xiaomi Pocophone F1. We review and compare camera, battery, performance, design, etc. Pocophone F1 is a flagship killer in 2018, but is it able to kill the new entry-level phone from Apple – iPhone XR? Let’s find out.

🔥 Apple iPhone XR:
Official Price:
3GB + 64GB: $749
3GB + 128GB: $799
3GB + 256GB: $899

🔥 Pocophone F1:
Official Price:
6GB + 64GB: $300
6GB + 128GB: $343
8GB + 256GB: $415
8GB + 256GB (Armoured Edition): $429
▶ – 6GB + 64GB
▶ – 6GB + 128GB
▶ – 8GB + 256GB
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37 Replies to “iPhone XR vs Pocophone F1: $750 vs $300 – Which One Is Better?”

  1. ChannelBOZ101

    Iphone xr is a laugh. Resolution of iphone 4. Price is crazy. Apple is losing marketshare this way. Pocophone feels premium and is better in every way. For way less than half the price in Europe.

  2. glitch gamer

    I and my brother unsuscribed u for this biased review everyone knows i phone XR is crap..i m gonna..stop sharing ur videos..for just this one misleading video..how can u call hd display to be better than fhd+ just bcz it has a fancy liquid name in it..ips lcd is just ips lcd retina term is just crap its just so badly pixxelised doesnt even count in its own apple retina terms how can u give display point to xr and even batteer is bigger and charges faster with type c industry type..and..with 18watt qc3.0 vs xr with 5watt adapter is just a joke..

  3. Cyril Huntjens

    Wow such a biased review. You choose the iPhone over the 4000mAh battery of the Poco? And Lightning over USB-C? It's the industry standard while Apple stays with their system just to make money out of chargers and other connectivity cables. Lets call the screen Liquid Retina because that sounds better and ppl think it's good while the dpi is very low even compared to the FHD screen of the poco. Apple didn't mention the battery capacity because they know it's less than the competition otherwise they would brag about it.

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