iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL vs Note 8 | Camera Shootout

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We wanted to test the new iPhone X camera against the amazing cameras in the Pixel 2 and Note 8 to see how they all stack up! Please enjoy our unscientific comparison and let us know in the comments who you think the winner is!

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44 Replies to “iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL vs Note 8 | Camera Shootout”

  1. Eddie Avinashi

    It's no contest.

    The Pixel 2 wins in dynamic range, slow motion, portrait, landscape, etc, etc.

    I'm not too sad though. I have the Note 8 and it was right up there.

    Glad I dodged the iPhone X though, it looked horrendous in every shot. Color was off, dynamic range didn't exist, motion artifacts everywhere. Just a shameful performance for such an expensive phone.

  2. Taylor Brost

    Recently got an S9+ only thing I miss is the portrait mode on my Pixel 2, although I really love pro mode on the Samsung. Also now I can mount my moment wide on 2 different focal lengths 🙂

  3. OXfive network

    just ordered my moment wide lens plus the case for iphone 6s.
    Just confused on what should I upgrade – 8plus or samsung 8s.
    Unfortunately with my 6s due to 12gb memory can't take videos as I should…

  4. Monica Sherley

    To me the real competition is between the pixel and the X, I’m an iPhone X user but even I can admit that the pixels portrait and some pictures look way better. Now, the recording on the iPhone looks better and the zoom does too, also one picture looked better for me. I’m really happy with the iPhones camera 🙂
    The notes was good, but the pixels and iPhone Xs are just way better.

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