iPhone X vs Note 8 Long Term Speed Test (4 months later)

Here’s an iPhone X vs Note 8 long term speed test. It’s been four months since I did my first iPhone X vs Note 8 speed test and I’ve been using both phones as my daily driver for the past four months to determine if the phones slow down over time. The results may surprise you.

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24 Replies to “iPhone X vs Note 8 Long Term Speed Test (4 months later)”

  1. ivorysteele

    Here goes..my dilemma is that I am shopping for a new phone, but my kids and everyone in my family uses iphone, which of course has facetime and iMessage and ipay. I really like the note 8&9. I am more of an android person and the iphone looks like a kid phone.

  2. Rollachriz

    In some cases the note is gonna open up faster due to the faster modem that requires apps to download the pages and yes the ram does help overall both phones are top notch and best of the best along with Google pixel 2

  3. daniel lim

    I moved from note 8 to iphone x. I think everyone know the pain when using note 8 to play game rather than iphone x. I have no complain using iphone x now :3 android phone is really slow

  4. Joseph Bleyor

    Never seen speed test video generating so much interesting comments and intersections. Very great video u made, keep the good work. Samsung came from the bottom in the smart phone market, copied Apple and today they making devices far better. This is what happens when u relax as a technology company.

  5. My penis is inverted, but

    All of these tech videos of android vs iPhone are just at loss. They purposely cause the iPhone to look like the evil brother since everyone is doing it. I’ve used both phones and think they are great in their own ways. Like. Comment. Subscribe for more rants

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