iPhone X vs iPhone SE: Worth the Upgrade?

iPhone X vs iPhone SE – Hello there do you have an Apple iPhone SE and are thinking about upgrading to the latest iPhone X? In this video we compare apples cheapest smartphone to apples highest priced iPhone in the iPhone X. The intentions of this video are to discuss the differences between each device. Any questions, comments, concerns, feedback, please be sure to go ahead and leave that down below in the comment section of this video. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 Full Comparison:

iPhone 6S vs iPhone X Full Comparison:

Case from the iPhone X here:

iPhone X unboxing:

iPhone X vs Galaxy S8:

Purchase iPhone X:


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44 Replies to “iPhone X vs iPhone SE: Worth the Upgrade?”

  1. ViperXGamingXBLX

    I really think people are just confused because it was weird switching from the controls on flip phones to iPhones it will take some time but people will get use to the IPhone X’s new controls once you start working with it your gonna start realizing some amazing features!

  2. Spazza42

    The iPhone brand died when the iPhone X was released. It’s Apple’s android phone with way more restrictions. The SE is functional and does 90% what the X does at 10% of the cost…

  3. Kiannah Rae

    I’m watching this on my iPhone SE and it’s a great phone for those who like the smaller phones! I did pre-order the iPhone XS, though, because I felt like the iPhone SE was falling short of what I would like now as I’ve grown. I also felt Apple might stop supporting it because they have discontinued the phone. But it is overall a good phone for those who don’t need much of the new stuff!

  4. Tomas Kapri

    I onley care how small the phone is. I am not gona buy something biger then SE. Bether i buy one more SE , so I can have good small phone for longer time. I am not gona have big tablet phone in my pocket. Sorry Apple I care about small size onley.

  5. Craig Taylor

    I had an iPhone SE, after a year it gave me a battery issue so Apple replaced the phone with a brand new one. I got the iPhone X in the meantime to try it out and I LOVE the X BUT miss my SE. Still torn and not sure which one I will keep, been a month now.

  6. Sam Williford

    iphone se in a otterbox defender case removed the plastic shield from the front installed a blackweb corning glass screen protector fits so perfect you cant even tell its on there.. beautiful phone feels perfect in the hand great sound nice display and its quick as hell

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