iPhone X vs Huawei P20 Lite 😜 | Huawei Betters 😯 | Urdu/Hindi

iPhone X vs Huawei P20 Lite 😜 | Urdu/Hindi

Hey Guys,
This Is Faheem and today I will be Comparing the New Huawei p20 lite with iPhone X …

Bhaiya iPhone X to papa hai but as a Son p20 lite bura nhi hai.

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37 Replies to “iPhone X vs Huawei P20 Lite 😜 | Huawei Betters 😯 | Urdu/Hindi”

  1. Frost Plays

    i found your awesome channel while youtube looking for funny things then i saw a Cli*kb**t video title: Chor Bazaar in Karachi Dslr 10k ka ha! then i watched it! your channel is amazing ! !!
    Well! i think apple lies about there phones! i watched a video! they said the camera cover is made out of sapphire but it was not it scratched and sapphire does not scratch that fast! also i like huawei samsung Q because the price is low and good phones! also Apple is a big company thats why they do OVER PRICING and saying there phones are the best! well ya i am also pakistani!

  2. Cars parliament

    bhai ye ap review nh kar rhe keere nikal rhe h no doubt every brand copy apple but technology bhe kuch chez hote h agr apple m notch h to kia Samsung or other companies notch display nh d sakte lol

  3. Geo Sultan

    Yaar kiya hay iphone … just a brand and expensive hand set . Jo her koi buy nahi ker sakta . Tum jo drama ker rahe thee us say kitne un logo ka dil totte ga jo p20 kay consumers hay . Bilkul bakwass review thaa . tum brand conscious bande ho . I hate your stupid review

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