iPhone X drop test

Read more about our drop test:
It didn’t take much for us to break Apple’s most expensive iPhone.

The iPhone X cracked on the first drop:

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39 Replies to “iPhone X drop test”

  1. Vivek Venkataraman

    Apple's product consistency is trash. You can get an iPhone X that will survive repeated 5-foot drops, or you can get an absolute trash one that can't even survive 3 feet. Samsung consistency is so much better, so drop tests can't accurately portray iPhone durability (even though we all know that it sucks).

  2. Sean Nixon

    The FIRST thing I did when I got my iPhone X was put it in a case!! I had a Galaxy S8 in silver and it was freakin beautiful and the SECOND I took it out of the case I cracked the screen and back.. the one and only time I dropped my phone!! When I got the 8 in that RED I never dropped it definitely not dropping the X!!

  3. Vyrotic

    Thanks So much for this video! I conveniently carry 2 iPhones and sandpaper in my pocket daily! it 100% is not a weird thing to do and I've always been worried about whether it would damage it 😬😬.

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