iPhone X Camera Guide – 40 Tips, Tricks and Settings

Apple continues its tradition of making sure their latest smartphone, the iPhone X, is packed with one of the best cameras on the market.

This complete camera guide of 40 tips is designed to get you started with the world of smartphone photography.

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32 Replies to “iPhone X Camera Guide – 40 Tips, Tricks and Settings”

  1. Tim Burt

    great video but I don't remember you answering the one question I wanted answered. Can I switch the camera back and forth from – front and back WHILE I am videoing?

  2. Dmitry Brodsky

    I have a question. Your review and many others talk about 'optical zoom.' On iphone 7+ (see dpreview review for example for technical details), using optical zoom or pressing 2X, does not actually engage optical zoom. Nor does it go to the second camera. pressing 2x or zooming, still uses the same Wide camera and just digitally zooming. Only engaging PORTRAIT mode guarantees that the second 52mm camera is turned on and used. Or some dedicated photo apps that also force the second camera to engage. Did it change in Iphone X? People use 'optical zoom' words kind of loosely with Iphone, I want to make sure it actually is optical and not digital zoom

  3. multipleblessings

    Awesome! Somethings wrong w my phone. When I hold the camera button from the lock screen nothing happens.

    Also- when I hold the camera button when dragged down from the top it does nothing.

    Is there a setting somewhere?

  4. flixafox

    2:04 Beware: This option doesn’t mean, you automatically use the 6mm lens! Depending on light situation, you will take a 4mm picture with 2x digital zoom! Especially in low light situations, there is a high chance that the 4mm with digital zoom will be used, because the 4mm lens can capture more light, which means usually lower ISO.

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