iPhone X 5 Months Later | My Personal Experience

iPhone X 5 Months Later | My Personal Experience

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43 Replies to “iPhone X 5 Months Later | My Personal Experience”

  1. larry cowan

    Hey does anyone know about the always on display for IPhone X??? It's a clock at night time so you don't have to turn on the screen the app is called OLEDX IN THE APP STORE. I found this, my Samsung note 8 has that and glad IPhone can do this too.. check it out, go full access on the app for the 1.99 there app is free but the full access has all kinds of clocks and colors and backgrounds….really cool.

  2. larry cowan

    I gave up after iOS 11.2 a while ago. But was early in iOS 11, but it's been sitting in the box for sometime but not hate to say but now Samsung has done a horrible update called Oreo and the note 8 has went to the toilet and funny thing Samsung and Android users bagged Apple for battery throttling…. I don't I'm a user of both iOS and OS and guess what????? I think Samsung is doing the same thing now, just b4 the s9 and s9+ came out they pushed the new Android OS called Oreo and now is killing the battery on Samsung note 8 and s8/s8+ now.. So Samsung put there foot up their rear end now LOL, being said it's time to use my IPhone x and updated to iOS 11.3 and seems ok so far. But great video..

  3. Jarrett Boersen

    The scratch could maybe be from being in your pocket, there could be materials that are scratching it, or maybe if you have rivets near your pants pocket, I feel like that scratches me phone, I have some scratches on it I feel like that’s why, I know have a life proof case with a built in screen protector so that gets scratched instead

  4. Giorat23

    I still prefer iPhone 8 with white front. The x design looks like a regular Chinese phone (xiaomi, Huawei etc), specially the front. Hopefully Apple release an iPhone SE 2

  5. Red Hood

    I’ve been using mine for 6 month. I can’t say anything. It’s the best phone I’ve ever used. Excellent camera. Amazing display. Never had issues since day one. Good job Apple!

  6. Shovelware

    The only reason why I don't buy the iPhone X is the fact that I have to swipe from top right to down….just to see the fucking control menu. Fuck you Apple. And fuck you too Jiren.

  7. QuadRiderHonda

    Great video iPhone X is awesome coming from an 8 plus I love the display also mine is space gray I have the 256gb I use a candy shell speck grip case on mine I think the speakers for calling is louder then it was on my 8 plus

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