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Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the rumors that the iPhone 2018 will have a few cuts in cost, making the price tag more agressive. The OnePlus 6 follows as specs hint to a very powerful phone, but for a heftier price tag. Then we talk about how Samsung is struggling to catch Apple when it comes to facial recognition. Oreo updates for devices for devices like the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30 are next. We end today’s show talking about the deals you can find for the LG V30.

All this and more after the break.

– Factory unlocked LG V30+ with 128GB storage costs $600 on eBay right now /2018/03/21/unlocked-lg-v30-plus-128gb-storage-ebay-deal
– Sprint follows Verizon’s suit with its own official LG V30 Oreo update /2018/03/21/sprint-verizon-lg-v30-android-oreo-update
– Android Oreo hits AT&T Galaxy S8, not apparently S8+ /2018/03/20/att-galaxy-s8-plus-android-oreo
– Parts crunch: Apple still two…

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45 Replies to “iPhone X 2018 cost changes, OnePlus 6 spec and price hike? & more – Pocketnow Daily”

  1. Luqman Hussain

    For iPhone I’m willing to pay up to $800usd, 650 is to cheap and not sensible for an Apple product, to build the iPhone X itself is $370 for a 64gb model.
    They need to make money for
    Paying Employees
    Taxes (which is a huge amount)
    And for future development (ie next iPhone, research, new technology)

  2. Joshua Gall

    The OP6 is listed at less than half the price of the iPhone X, meaning that in actuality it should be around $549 for the 256 GB model. For the 128GB and 64GB models we might see this go as low as $449-$499

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