iPhone, Blackberry and Gmail users are all screwed – A must watch video

iPhone, Blackberry and Gmail users are all screwed privacy-wise, says Julian Assange. It looks like our privacy doesn’t really exist in today’s world of modern technology with the recent Carrier IQ logging scandal and the one with the iPhone 4 tracking every movement you make a while back. Scary, indeed. And to make matters worse, in a recent press conference Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has made a statement about iPhone, Blackberry and Gmail users saying they are simply “screwed”.

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28 Replies to “iPhone, Blackberry and Gmail users are all screwed – A must watch video”

  1. alex jervis

    UK has spent more than £10 millions on pursuing this man and is willing to go on spending!
    The UK connived to delay actions that would have freed Assange and have lied and destroyed evidence.
    Name another, 'Bail Skip', who has been pursued with such vigor, 'in the Public Interest'?

  2. Alan Montgomery

    The tech and government will just tell you it is to keep you safe and it is needed. They try to scare everyone to take away your freedom. They are spying on us all I guess they think because they are all corrupt,that we all must be also. Again Corrupt government and CIA. Chriz

  3. dhalsim1

    Facebook= a government surveillance scheme run by gullible volunteers (you)
    Why gather personal data, photos, where you've been, who you know and what you know for these sinister crooks?
    Fakebook is a clever way of making you do their spying activities for them.

  4. doceigen

    hehe!! Too funny. Oh wait, do you mean the people who troll You Tube are CRIMINALS! and say things and pass information on their mobile devices that can send them to jail!?? Well, hey!… I'm glad all of you are 'screwed'!

  5. jetshockey5

    Why would anyone be stupid enough to talk about terror plots or incriminating things through email? Use burner phones once and then throw away or make their tracing techniques useless by just speaking face to face.

  6. GermanDouchebag

    Morgan Freeman said it very accurately during the The Dark Knight movie: This is to much power for just one person … or in this case a government, able to spy on the entire population at their whim …

  7. J O

    what is the purpose of all the surveillance? I dont think the government really cares about what each individual is doing. I mean who really has a life that fascinating that the govt would want to spy on you? And what about all of the petty criminal activity that goes on in plain sight? The govt has the technology to bag anyone but they dont because they dont think its important. I think the real purpose of the widespread surveillance is to observe the population at large so whoever is in charge can keep humans under control. Individual spying seems ridiculous to me.

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