iPhone 8 Plus VS S8 Plus – CAMERA Review!

iPhone 8 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – ULTIMATE Camera Comparison – covering 4K 60fps video, 240fps slow motion, low light, panorama, stabilization, macro, low-light and everything you can think of!

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36 Replies to “iPhone 8 Plus VS S8 Plus – CAMERA Review!”

  1. Marco Marquez

    who cares about camara i like the s8+ the way is made not because of the camara picture s8+ better quality apple is trash i never use any iphone and i don't still want an iphone sangsung #1 for me

  2. Sanja Kuburić

    I think that I'll buy s8+. It is bigger device and I really like it . I love to take selfies over photos with back camera so I really do not care so much for zoom or whatever … That's my opinion 😊

  3. matthew robart

    I loved this vid! Honestly. I think I prefer the s8's, but, there are definitely characteristics of the iPhone camera that I'd like to see implemented into the s8, and vice-versa. Also. Since I'm not verse in camera lingo, it would be Awesome to in future videos to explain more of what you're saying; in terms of bitrate, and things of that nature 😊

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