iPhone 8/8 Plus vs iPhone 7/7 Plus – Worth Upgrading?

iPhone 8 & 8 Plus vs iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. Should You Upgrade? Is The Price Worth It? Features, Cameras, Speed, Battery & Full Comparison.

iPhone X vs 8/8 Plus:
iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8/S8:

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20 Replies to “iPhone 8/8 Plus vs iPhone 7/7 Plus – Worth Upgrading?”

  1. BlackBarbie Andanadult

    I had an iPhone 6 then I dropped it down the toilet and it was gone then I got my moms old phone which was an iPhone 5s and for my bday I’m getting the iPhone 7 Plus rather then the 8 as I’m not tryna crack the glass and if so imma get a beating 😂

  2. richard norris

    I won’t even upgrade my iPhone 7 Plus to the newest iPhone because my iPhone 7 Plus has never let me down and it’s just as fast as the newest iPhone and it’s by far in my opinion the best iPhone on the market today in 2018

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