iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Camera Review

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 which has the best camera? I took these 12 megapixel flagship phones out and about (even to the pub!) to test the camera quality to find out which is best! Don’t forget to Like, Share & Subscribe πŸ™‚
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50 Replies to “iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Camera Review”

  1. Ξ”Ξ—Ξœ Ξ€Ξ‘Ξš

    The iPhones, Pixel and 1+3t have the best cameras.great detail,true to life colours and you don't miss shadow details unlike Samsungs that have wrong, artificial colours and delete all shadows. but still, it's great to have many choices!

  2. Clorex Bleach

    It's as if the iPhone takes standard definition pictures and the S7 takes high definition pictures. I simply can't understand how the gap between both is so big. 4K video quality is by far won by the S7. OIS is won by heaps and bounds by the iPhone 7. Personally, I'd never dare to recommend the iPhone 7 for photography after having seen this video comparing both. The iPhone 7 simply did terrible against the S7. It seemed as if this was a midrange phone (iPhone 7) vs a high-end phone. The difference in clarity, dynamic range, definition….all of that is won by a longshot with the S7. I certainly did not expect such a tremendous difference between the two.

  3. Sotos Mathew

    i dont care about real life color in pictures , i want my pictures to look beautiful with colors and s7 for sure wins this by far. the only thing that iphone is better is in image stabilization. 7 month phone still king of smartphone cameras

  4. Christopher Smith

    The iPhone has better white balance and is more natural but for everything except portraits I have to begrudgingly admit the Galaxy is better…that's hard to admit since I own the iPhone 7 plus and the iPhone came out several months later…but you would have to deal with Android lag with the Galaxy which is a deal breaker for me…

  5. phmak1478

    Certainly, there is more vibrance and contrast to the S7 photos. I would like them if I'm post things straight out of camera. But, I would still prefer the slightly less vibrant and less contrasty iPhone 7 photos since that allows for more room for post-processing, be it JPEG or RAW format.

  6. Richard Lucas

    im a S7 user and it doesn't show up a natural colour , tend to turn out to pale but it has a good result in low light condition , iphone 7 is always get a good colour balance or natural exactly

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