iPhone 7 Screen Replacement shown in 5 minutes

BLACK iPhone 7 Screen:
WHITE iPhone 7 Screen:
Here is the Y000 zero bit:
Pentalobe screw drivers:
Green Pry tool:
Phone opening metal tool:

Let me know if any of those links stop working!!! or if you need another part.

IF YOU NEED THE iPHONE 7 PLUS screen repair video:

Phones break. Cant always avoid it. This video shows I replace the screen on my own iPhone 7. Its always easier to repair something after you know what to expect, and you’ve seen it before. Remember you attempt ALL repairs at your own risk.

The iPhone 7 is a tricky phone to work on. It opens up from the side, instead of the top, and the ribbons are SUPER fragile. The Home button is also fragile, as many people attempting this repair have not been successful in swapping the home button to a new device. I will keep you updated on what causes that here…

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50 Replies to “iPhone 7 Screen Replacement shown in 5 minutes”

  1. Mike Ceballos

    I fixed my nieces iphone 7 using this video. It really helped. I just want to recommend to buy the tools recommended here. I ordered a new screen with tools but the Y tools that came with it were not made very well and I had to strip some screws but ordered these tools recommended here and they worked great. Also just want to recommend using a magnet to hold your screws so they dont get lost. I used the flat refrigerator magnets businesses usually give out for free or that come with new phone books. Thanks.

  2. ric diaz

    So if you rip the original flex cable on the home button you pretty much just messed up your phone?

    Will an oem home button replacement function or will apple have to take care of this if this happens?

  3. Curtis Hood

    Be careful when replacing the camera module. There is a sensor that is glued down to the screen and if you damage it it will make the phone power cycle. Its an easy enough fix by ordering a new sensor but then you have to have the phone for longer. Just an FYI

  4. CP The G

    Is the Y000 bit supposed to work for all screws inside the phone? Mine worked for the first 2 ribbon connections but is not working for the 2 screws holding down the ribbon connector on the top. Any suggestions?

  5. Chaitanya Vyas

    Hey Jerry, I purchased a replacement screen from Amazon and everything seems to be working except for the Home Button as you mentioned in your video. Is there any way to fix that ? I switched back to broken screen and it works

  6. Jaden Phillips

    Someone answer me this.
    I have a cracked iphone 7. I wanna buy a screen. Im trying to be cautious by not purchasing a shitty china made screen. Im thinking of buying at ifixit. I dont understand, if my home button with work with it. And also if so, where can i buy a cheaper premium screen in canada?

  7. Billwithoutlala

    Great guide thanks, only tip I can give is that the home button was glued in and was difficult to remove. I had to warm the glue and gently prize the ribbon cable out. However everything worked fine and the screen I used wasn't a genuine Apple one but from another manufacturer.I have repaired a 4 and a 5 for family etc before but this was I think slightly harder.

  8. Drake Dimaria

    I just finished the installation and I would say it went almost perfect, let me explain. So with the thermal backplate, some of the screws wouldn't go back in but I got most of them in. I lost like 3-4 screws but I got all of what I think is important screwed in. What I didn't get screwed down was the plates that hold down the wires but hopefully, that is not that bad. My home button works, the camera works, and speakers work. So it didnt go to bad…

  9. M3D1C Dan

    I've just repaired a screen and battery replacement using this video. Followed it step-by-step with no issues. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE Y000 tri-star screwdriver before attempting this fix though as the screwdrivers that ship with ebay kits do not contain this (usually).

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