iPhone 7 Plus vs. iPhone X – Should you uprade??

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This is an iPhone X vs. iPhone 7 Plus comparison review. The iPhone X vs. iPhone 7 Plus comparison is a review that helps you decide should you upgrade??

iPhone 7 Plus:
iPhone X:


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35 Replies to “iPhone 7 Plus vs. iPhone X – Should you uprade??”

  1. Rafael Nogueira

    I had to work so much to have my iPhone X specially because I live in a bad country for who wants to buy good things, but the main thing that made me buy this is the gesture UI, I always dreamed to use a gesture only smartphone since I had noticed the creation and fall of Ubuntu phone. After only 1 week this phone I already know the future is user interface based on gestures !

  2. darren davis

    New tech appears great, whilst I’m not a tech person. In saying that, what I can see is each year the iph increases in price. In Australia for the iPhone xs max outright you are looking at approx $2500 (256gb) and that’s for a phone. My 7 plus was approx $1900 (256gb) . However, in USA it’s half the price. No need to be so greedy.


    Apples first new product is always with many drawbacks for example Watch 1 , ipad 1, ipod 1 iphone…..I updated from 64gb 6plus to 128gb 7 plus , will wait for full screen display, by 2020 we will surely get it , notch is really a disappointment.

  4. Dovah Bear

    The blackberry 10 OS has a gesture based UI and no home button. In fact, alot the gestures are nit picked from that OS. It is not a bad thing, but just putting that out there.

  5. Amaan Ahmed

    I don’t think it’s worth the upgrade cause there’s really no differences except the screen and the all glass body which I personally don’t like and speed there’s not much difference if you watch some videos on YouTube which in some cases the 7 beats the x. I wouldn’t waste £1000 upgrading from a 7 or a 6s a 6 though then maybe I would

  6. HAZOX

    I recently switched from Samsung and…..I honestly don’t regret it😂😂, with Samsung in a way I felt limited, yes it outnumbered iPhones 1 to 10in terms of features but I only found myself using a quarter of those features, most of my things are with apple since I’ve had the same iPad and email since I was in 4th grade!!, am now in 10th and love apple, Samsung is just not for me, tried it for 3 years and as much as I wasn’t really bothered by it, I just prefer apple

  7. Marc Guima

    I thought 💭 I would not like the X because of the size and the none button.
    But that got adjusted so fast and naturally that I never thought about it until I went back to the seven and forget it. ( once you go X you never go back !)

  8. Kevin Mathenia

    iPhone fan since the 3g fuck all the other phones if anything they copy apple no other phone would of came out with 3d touch apple owns that y'all have to download shit from y'all Google play shit iPhone it's already on the phone

  9. Jeff Bechtel

    First – great comparison! Second – I am an Apple fanboy. I upgraded from the 7 Plus to the X and I have no regrets. The 7 Plus was a great iPhone, but the X is the future of where the iPhone is headed. I have been using it since December and wouldn’t go back. Face ID works perfectly for me. The X can be easily used in one hand. Display is gorgeous and you will forget the notch after about a week. Performance and speakers are amazing! Worth the upgrade for me personally.

  10. I'm Oh' Sam

    I'm sticking to my 7+. It's still a beast! Don't care about notch. If u want, X, go for it. Coz I'm sure, in 19-2020, it's going to be a full glass display (no more notch) as what CEO of Apple said.

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