iPhone 7 Plus – Portrait mode on iOS 10.1 Beta – in 4k

Hey guys I downloaded iOS Beta 10.1 and decided to show you what the new “portrait mode” looks like. I did a couple comparisons vs the X-T2 just to show what Apple is trying to achive with this new innovation. Thanks to Chiara for helping me out on this one. Go follow her on Instagram @Chiarayoung

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28 Replies to “iPhone 7 Plus – Portrait mode on iOS 10.1 Beta – in 4k”

  1. Jiha Haa

    thanks, this is a good video in comparing the potrait quality…i love photography and iphone 7 plus is expensive..i'm thinking through wether to buy a dslr camera or iphone 7 plus..i love photography and good quality image but in the same time i also need a new phone '^-^ thinking it through… my $ is limited here.

  2. RViscara

    This ginger boy better not walk down those streets like that with his camera strapped on his shoulder after dark in San Fran. Remember it's a sanctuary city and he will get to snatched in a second. They may just hit him in the head for wearing his hat like this thinking his a hipster.

  3. Steven Lipson

    The reason you didn't have the same field of view with the iPhone and the xt-2 with the 56mm lens is because the xt-2 is an aps-c sized sensor. you need to apply a 1.6x crop factor to whatever lens you have on. The 56mm lens is much closer to 85mm on the xt-2.

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