iPhone 7 Plus low light video tests!

Rene, Serenity, and special guest Michael Fisher went on a low-light photography adventure last night across the Brooklyn Bridge armed only with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to guide us!

This video was filmed entirely with the iPhone 7 Plus. The footage is straight out of camera from Camera.app and Filmic Pro, and was edited together using iMovie for iOS.

Music: I Called You

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26 Replies to “iPhone 7 Plus low light video tests!”

  1. George Lewis

    When I take a photo on my iPhone 7, if it is in any way a dim situation, or if the lighting isn't optimum, I notice a purple hue around the edges of the screen as I take the photo that is not overly evident in the photos. I have seen NO other reports of this, but it is so obvious compared to my old 5s

  2. lanieldee

    the multi lens flares are really distracting. There's always going to be this awkward dot fluttering around the screen when shooting at night. Seems like a serious design flaw. My iPhone 7 does the same thing

  3. Luís Martins

    I think the protective glass of the lens is not suitable for nigh time recording in this case, due to (in my opinion) the street lights or the mon are reflecting on the lens, and it looks like fake ufos in the video
    x) cumps

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