iPhone 6s Camera Shootout

How does the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus fare against last year’s iPhone 6 models and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5? WSJ’s Geoffrey A. Fowler makes the call, in a video shot entirely on an iPhone 6s Plus.
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45 Replies to “iPhone 6s Camera Shootout”

  1. Som Gora

    I can buy but I don't like such expensive phone there are many android branded phones low cost, design, better features. simple living high thinking don't show fake status by making apple rich money needs to poor upliftment, generate employment making country prosperous, don't spend Poor's hard money, thank you

  2. Me

    Whenever I see any IOS device review that starts out with the reviewer wearing an apple iWatch i know it's biased and pointless to watch…… How come no reviews talk about the lack of point and value in these devices?

  3. dread dready

    iPhone takes the best pictures obviously! It's close to real life. Android pictures or always to sharp & oversaturated! Any free app can make your picture just as oversaturated & sharp like those android photos, if that's what you into lol 👌🙄😂📸

  4. Sonny Causey

    WSJ….you've lost your mind….seriously. Even The Verge (who, by the way, is a known Apple fanboy) did a camera shootout and deemed the Samsung to be the better camera. You silly little reporters need some tutoring my man

  5. Goruck Yourself

    Had the note 5 for a day to test out and was absolutely blown away by how amazing the camera was….apple is still two years or more away from even touching their camera quality IMO. My 6+ camera isn't "bad", but it is lightyears behind the note 5's…the 6s doesn't look worthy of upgrading either, which is kind of a bummer.

  6. springer

    So the takeaway is that iphone 6S camerar is nearly same as iphone 6 camera, and that biggest improvement is image stabilization (which isn't even in iphone 6S). But it's universally acknowledged by independent test (e.g. dxomark.com) that Galaxy S6/ Note 5 camera trumps iphone 6/6plus. So iphone 6S beats galaxy Note 5 by staying nearly the same as 6? Doesn't make much sense. Lots of smart phone cameras can handle brightly lit scnes well. Only few can handle low light shots well. If Note 5 excels at low light shots significantly better than iphone 6s, then that would be preferred choice.

  7. Abraham Saenz

    I'll trust more scientific test like DxO mark to declare a winner on image quality. I still think the GS6 line and Note 4/5 perform better, except for video image stabilization, that's they area where the iPhone has an edge but anyways, as good as smartphones have gotten stabilization is still pretty terrible compared to more dedicated cameras, so, I would still use a tripod if I wanted to have useful video out of it.

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