iPhone 6 vs iPhone X! – Time To Upgrade?

iPhone 6 vs iPhone X! – Time To Upgrade? Have you been asking yourself, “Should I upgrade from iPhone 6 to iPhone X?” Well in this video I aim to help you answer that question! In this video I share with you an in depth comparison of the phones to help you decide if this is going to be a worthy update for you. The Apple iPhone X brings a radical departure from the iPhone 6 with an all new design that features an OLED display and 3GB of ram with iOS 11 on board. Share your further questions, thoughts, feedback, concerns, and enjoy the video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂 .

iPhone X unboxing:

iPhone X vs Galaxy S8:

iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Plus:

iPhone X vs iPhone SE:

iPhone X clear case used in the video:

Purchase iPhone X:…

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50 Replies to “iPhone 6 vs iPhone X! – Time To Upgrade?”

  1. BrooklynSance

    Lemme Tell You A Story, my parents don't like apple. They always wanted me to be that android kid, since I had an old model of an moto x it broke. My sisters are up and apple. So I'll finally have an IOS BESIDES My IPad That's Very Old. Okay, backstory done, useless present now,

    My sisters getting an iphonex and giving me her iPhone 6.

    (Tbh, I always wanted to use my sisters iPhone 4)

  2. joel diaz

    My iphone 6 still going strong. However, is the iphone X that much faster that I would notice in everyday usage of googling and youtube video watching? That would be my real reason for upgrading.

  3. Hala Abod

    I still got the iPhone 6 lmao it sucks so much and I hate it!! Every time I drop my phone the screen totally drops from my phone and I have to put it back in place lmao 😂 IMMA HAVE TO UPGRADE RN!! I’m buying iPhone X soon. Uppdate: bought the iPhone Xand its awesome recommend it!!

  4. S G

    In terms of just desirability, I’d love to swap the 6 for a 10 but I don’t think o could justify it. There’s nothing that my 6 can’t do for me and especially at such a high price, it really wouldn’t be worth it. The 3 worst things are probably
    1) the storage – 16gb is pretty much useless
    2) the battery as mentioned in the video
    3) the performance is sometimes a bit behind but I can’t call it bad


    Some points to be highlighted iphone 6 is worty using for guys who are or who know IOS operating system for a pretty long time. When it comes to iphone x we ppl dont even use everything so it is just as if we use only 10% of the new launch. Coming to my point of view even today I can say u can buy iphone 6 and not iphone x becoz iphone x is going to be a huge wasye of money. Just go gor it unless u are a extremely experienced IOS consumer.

  6. Majenrok

    I have an iPhone 6 that works really well, even in low power mode and with altered settings to reduce the drain on my battery. Currently in my 3rd year of owning it, paying £19.99 a month with unlimited calls and texts with 12GB data. I'm at the point in my life and in technology where I don't care about new anymore. I just want a good affordable phone.

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