iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – App Opening Speed

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24 Replies to “iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – App Opening Speed”

  1. SEpstude

    Loading times don't annoy me at all.
    But clicking on an App and nothing happens for 2 secs get on my nerves.
    That's why I like the iPhone more tho it seems a little slower.
    Whenever you press something I immidiatly happens. Doesn't matter if it Loads in 2 seconds or 3.
    But when you click on an App on the Galaxy S5 it seems to take its time, like you would see in the App switching in the comparision with HTC ONE M8.
    That's what makes the iPhone a winner to me in terms of fluidity even tho the S5 is faster.

    So Short said.
    The little lag is more annoying than the little longer waiting.

  2. Emil Gudmundsson

    Offcource google apps opening faster on a google phone. IF not theres something wrong! On "Non google apps" the s5 was à little quicker. Not much thou!

    Have non google apps On my iphone!! 🙂

  3. Amr Saeed

    you said it Chris by yourself, after clearing the cache, the apps are opened quite the same in both devices. For me, I couldn't found any difference at the second opening apps you reviewed.  

  4. Kevin C.

    If you take into a count that the S5 has a larger screen with higher resolution, you should know that the test between the iPhone 5s and an Android Smartphone nearly and nearly becomes wrong placed.

  5. TheReapero

    G'day Chris, 
    I have an interesting test for you to try out… I have a nexus 4, and 5, and also an iPhone 5s, and I am actually finding that my iPhone can hold quite a lot more apps open in the ram than both my nexus devices. Of course, I find this quite astonishing as the iPhone has half the ram (1gb vs 2gb on the nexii) so I am interested to see if this is the case for you also? 
    PS: keep up the good videos, I love your channel, and I especially love that you don't beg for likes etc 🙂

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