iPad 4 | iOS 8.4.1 vs. iOS 9.3.4 Speed Performance Test

Comparing the 4th generation Apple iPad tablet performance between the last iOS 8 version and the newest iOS 9 version. How will the fourth gen iPad handle 9.3.4, which was a quick security update from iOS 9.3.3 ? Find out in this speed comparison test video.

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6 Replies to “iPad 4 | iOS 8.4.1 vs. iOS 9.3.4 Speed Performance Test”

  1. riiiooo

    very informative video, thanks for this! Unfortunately I started on 8.3 and havent updated my ipad since. Do you think I should upgrade it to 10.1.1? I dont want to risk slower performances

  2. Locals Only Podcast

    Since this is your latest video i want to say thank you for uploading all of the very informative content that you do. You are very intelligent and speak from experience and from your heart and your videos have helped set me on the path for my love of writing / recording music. A trait i think we both share. Dont stop making videos my friend there arent a lot of people out there like you!

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