iOS 12 saved my iPhone 6..

How iOS 12 saved my iPhone 6.. (iPhone 6 iOS 12 Review)

I’ve been using my iPhone 6 on iOS 12 since it was released last week, and here is my review/experience with it.

I go over performance, battery life & more. The iPhone 6 in 2018 is still a usable phone, however there are better options if you’re looking to upgrade (like the iPhone 7/7 Plus).

Siri Shortcuts Tutorial:
Save Battery Life on iOS 12 (20+ Tips):
iOS 12 Final Review:…

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39 Replies to “iOS 12 saved my iPhone 6..”

  1. Freddie Ray

    After updating to 12 I see no notable performance from 11.4. What it did do was not connect to ITunes on my Mac. Support say update my OS on the Mac and gave me a link. Mac is running Yosemite 10.10.5, can't update, Message on Mac when trying to update is update isn't allowed,so I have to use my Windows computer. That SUCKS. I will not be updating the wife's 6 or her iPad.

  2. Aj Cx

    My iphone 6s’s battery capacity is now 73% out of the normal 100% full capacity

    should i change my battery or wait a while ?

    Still full performance, no degrading

  3. Dimitri Borozny

    Snapchat sucks! NEVER jailbreak an IPhone with Snapchat on it!!! Unless you like MALWARE,RANSOMEWARE,and a bad ESN! Snapchat turns into Snapsex after you jailbreak it!! Please be careful!!!! Snapchat does a number on android also:late,difficult or non existent network updates and other update issues!

  4. Afif Ibrahim

    Updated my iPhone 6s, was great for first few days, then suddenly it restarted by itself, and stucked on Apple logo loop. (To make it worse, my home button is broken, so can't enter recovery mode). Then, after 5-6 hours it stopped the looped, and the phone got into the lockscreen, BUT, it can't read simcard anymore. No mobile line/data, but everything else was working. Idk why. Fucking updates

  5. Firefox 84

    After the crap apple pulled off with deliberately slowing down older phones made my phone have the power of a potato but iOS 12 helped it, yet I still need to get it replaced. Really happy with ios12

  6. Alex Dash

    I used to have an iPhone 6s and it was such a good phone. My boyfriend exchanged it for a Samsung galaxy 8 and it broke on the first drop. I wish I kept the iPhone. Dropped it multiple times and nothing broke.

  7. Leah Byrne

    ios 12 killed my SE it's been frozen for a week after updating it was glitching and turning on/off then one day it went off then turned back on and has been frozen since (any tips? I can't get a new phone until its unlocked because everything is on it it but its frozen so I can't )

  8. MOHD

    THIS is why I like iPhones. Yes I get apple charges alot for their phones and Don't include like a fast charger and they have alot of other problems aswell, but apple has always been great on optimisation and providing latest update.

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