iOS 12 review: an update that will make your iPhone faster

iOS 12 is here and if you have an iPhone or iPad, you’re probably wondering, ‘Should I install the update or will it slow down my phone?’ While it may not be the flashiest update ever, it’s a solid improvement on the buggy iOS 11 with faster performance and much needed stability. Plus, the addition of new features like Screen Time, Memoji, ARKit 2, and Siri Shortcuts add even more ways to interact with your device.


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23 Replies to “iOS 12 review: an update that will make your iPhone faster”

  1. Xavier Mathews

    Checked out the iphone XS today and was very . . . underwhelmed. But i was not the target audience, considering that i have the iPhone X. No upgrade for me this year. . . however the watch was AMAZING.

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