iOS 11 Vs iOS 10.3.3 Things You Will Appreciate

iOS 11 Vs iOS 10.3.3 The Difference you Will appreciate


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28 Replies to “iOS 11 Vs iOS 10.3.3 Things You Will Appreciate”

  1. PromotingTheBeat

    To be honest, I only care about Dark Mode.
    I think, and hope, they are holding that off to show case with a black iPhone when they show it off.

    I saw some show that something like it is in accessibility but thats not a real dark mode.

  2. Agent 48

    Can I tell some android users something. I used a s7 edge around July last year and it started to get laggy And slow. And than I got my iPhone 7 and that bitch is fast as hell. I know android has customization and themes and what not but they get slow in the future. For example look at the s5 doesn't even have the latest operating system and the iPhone 5 and 5s have iOS 10. I'm just making a point ☝️ so ya give all the hate you guys want in the comment section.

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