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In today’s video, I have some great news regarding the iOS 11.4 and #iOS 12 Beta 1 #Jailbreak. MOSEC 2018, a security conference organized annually by Pangu Jailbreak Team and Power Of Community, took place yesterday and a lot of interesting talks were part of it, but the 360 Vulcan team demonstrated a new Jailbreak based on a WebKit vulnerability for iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 Beta 1. The Jailbreak demonstrated by…

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36 Replies to “iOS 11.4 / 12 Beta 1 JAILBREAK VIA SAFARI WAS DEMOED AT MOSEC 2018”

  1. Syllith

    Oh good another jb we won't see ever again. These guys are there to show off, nothing more really. They're trying to get company's to hire them and it works. Trust me, I want a jb to happen so bad and we have seen progress, but we're waiting on the smaller guys to figure it out. I love and support them but it's such a shame these never get released. It looks bad if they're there to show off their abilities then they turn around and release it, doing the opposite of what they're there for. To secure mobile devices. Hopefully this inspires somebody to continue their research and finally release something.

  2. Kixx Spyster

    Why don’t you make a video when a actual jailbreak us released, all your videos are jailbreak update who cares about the update.. here’s an update RELEASE A REAL JAILBREAK video cause we sick of all these stupid videos about updates

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