iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak RELEASED – Download Electra NOW!

Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 with Electra – Download NOW! Tutorial Coming Soon! Supports iOS 11.2 – iOS 11.3.1 (ALL iDEVICES). Download HERE 📲

** YouTube: Jailbreaking is 100% legal under the DMCA. Discussing iOS Updates is LEGAL. **

NOTE*** This is NOT the Tutorial Video, this is the Announcement Video. We wanted to let everyone know as soon as possible that the jailbreak has been released! Stay tuned for the official Jailbreak…

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29 Replies to “iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak RELEASED – Download Electra NOW!”

  1. Chris Brownell

    Does anyone have any clue of how to update the pc version of electra 1.0 to the pc version of 1.0.2? My jailbreak and cydia is working perfect; but the electra app tells me I need to update it (jailbroken via pc, Windows 10); despite everything working perfect. How necessary is it to update electra to 1.0.2? Should I? How do I?….I don't wanna mess up Cydia. Thank you in advance.

  2. Kettricks Universe

    IOS 11.3.1 IPHONE X
    i had to backup my iphone restore it then i recovered from my back up once it was done i turned off siri and my password i hard reset my iphone x left airplane mode on and it jailbroke I RESTORED from the phone settings I REPEAT DONT RESTORE ON ITUNES IT WILL JUST UPDATE YOUR PHONE TO IOS 11.4 but now im jailbroken ayyyyyeeee

  3. SaitamaMan

    guys someone found a fix to all our problems I did it I got cydia to work! Confirmed 11.3 beta 6

    This is for if you have cydia on your screen but electra wont work

    1. Delete your current electra app
    2. Go to this link
    3. Scroll down till you see electra 1131 MP (ONLY this one will work)
    4. After installed trust the certificate in profiles and managment
    5. Put your iphone in airplain mode
    6. Open electra and press enable jailbreak and it should be working

    Shout to TheHackSpot for finding this go subscribe to him he's the GOAT!

    After 12 fkig hours I finally got it to work.

  4. Jared pontius

    so i was looking to this jailbreak forever. but coming up jailbreaking, this tutorial wasnt working. ANYONE WHO WANTS A REAL JAILBREAK CHECK OUT IDEVICEHELP. his process helped me in 3 tries.

  5. Coimbra

    My previous jailbreak tweaks from iOS 10 still here, and i can't install anything! Keeps getting 2 red error messages before AppSync Unified install. Any fixes? Thanks in advance.

  6. Science Bros

    ok so go to settings>general>iphone storage and look for the ios 11.4 update

    it will look like the settings icon

    tap it and delete it

    then put your phone on airplane mode and turn off siri

    after 3 tries of it not working just restart your phone

    after that just repeat until electra says restarting

    then do it a couple more times until it says installing cydia

    hope this helps

  7. K3i

    It work for me! First I’ve been try to jailbreak but it’s not work, and then i goto delete my ios 11.4 update file, and install tvOS 12 profile, then I reboot my device(iPhone 7 11.3.1), the. Open Electra and tapped on jailbreak without tweaks enable, then once again my device reboot, and I swiped to where the Electra app is, and boom 💥 cydia was next to elec, and then I’v try to enable jailbreak in Electra app, but it not work no matter how many time I try, but then I goto setting, gerneral, device management, and remove my tvOS profile, and once again I reboot my device, and when I tap on cydia once again and 💥 it work! (If my method work don’t forget to subscribe(: !)

  8. TSSQD

    Help my phone is bricked oin a black screen with the iphone ten slide up bar on the bottom part of the screen i can acsess control center and notifacations but can not hard reset nor turn off my phone or acess any apps through notifacations.

  9. DFXS X

    need help
    when i clicked on jailbreak and i told me Error: exploit
    Iphone x
    i just rebooted my phone and i turned on airplane then turned it off and i got Error:rootfs remount

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