iOS 11.1.1 Jailbreak on iPhone X & iOS 11.1.1 What’s New ?

iOS 11.1.1 Jailbreak on iPhone X & iOS 11.1.1 What’s New ?

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39 Replies to “iOS 11.1.1 Jailbreak on iPhone X & iOS 11.1.1 What’s New ?”

  1. Jose O. Vergez

    My iOS is acting up a lot, the phone lags, doesn't take screen shot, randomly restarts, sometimes, messages don't even send. I think Apple purposely is doing this so people have to update to the latest iOS, what do you suggest Miguel? I have a jailbreak, but the glitches have me fed up. Update or stay with the jailbreak?

  2. Dj Shainth

    I understand that you are suggesting that staying on the lowest firmware is the best idea for a jailbreak… I’m not sure if you aware of this but the iPhone X screen doesn’t work when it’s cold.

    There’s no way I’m paying 2000$ Canadian dollars for this phone and not be able to use it in the cold. For Christ sake I’m from Canada, it’s only not cold here for two fuckin months.

    Apple addressed to me that they aware of this and they will fix it with an upcoming update.

    Tbh, in that case I should update to the latest firmware.

  3. Pramod Khatiwada

    Hi man, my mobile is iPhone 5s My phone has not Wi-Fi stability ( it means wifi signal is always connect and disconnect every few minute) how can I solve this problem please answer me thank you.

  4. txdm path

    Bro help us with 7plus things how to download movie and my iPhone 7plus battery last for 5 hour and 30 min if I use it continue is that good ?? Or it should last more

  5. Ahsan Khan

    They are not releasing it according to marco grassi "The jailbreak it's all Liang's work by himself, so I cannot speak about it, since it's not my work. Anyway like it was said many time, it's a demo of a PRIVATE jailbreak, I'm not aware of any current or future plan of release sorry."

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