Introducing Motorola and Lenovo’s brand new manufacturing facility in India!

Get a sneak peek into and Motorola and Lenovo’s brand new manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, India. Take a look at the attention and care that goes into assembling each handset. The phone that you love is now made in India!

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32 Replies to “Introducing Motorola and Lenovo’s brand new manufacturing facility in India!”

  1. swami akash

    मोटो g5pluse दोन महिने हुए लेखे
    बँटरी समस्या आ रही है
    बँटरी 10%है तो अगर मोबाईल चार्जिंग पे लगाएं तो 9% 8%7%6%5%4%3%2%1%
    100% लेखा रहा है

  2. shailesh c

    suna tha service center Jane see mob thik hote hai but Moto service center Jane see to Mera Moto c plus aur bhi jyada kharab kr Diya service center walo ne..abhi Tak 1saal ka warranty bhi nhi hua
    koi abhi Tak 3 din me 2 bar service center jaa Chuka hu.koi fayada nhi.koi hai Moto ka offcer Jo Mera problem solve kr ske…?

  3. Haroon Huzain

    If the moto G6 specifications were like this,☺
    1) 5.5 curved Gorilla glass with full HD display.
    2) phone looks slim & weight less
    3) camera not bulged from back case.
    4) SD card+ 2sim(4G LTE) slots
    5) octacore Snapdragon 630
    6) latest Android version
    7) 8mp front camera + 16 mp rear camera(with flash)
    8) 4GB RAM+ 64GB internal storage
    9) 4000mah powerfull battery
    @ RS 15000
    Now days other phones provides better 4000mah battery. I don't understand why Moto provide this battery capacity.
    (If Moto made these features,it always be better quality😍)

  4. Anuj Raj

    do you know lenove service is very poor.if your data cable is not working and if you have to exchange is then you have to leave your mobile for one day just for changing data cable

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