Inserting SIM and SD Card in Galaxy S8 / S8+

Galaxy S8 tips and tricks:

A microSD slot is available in the Samsung Galaxy S8! You’ll find a space for it in a tandem tray for the nano SIM as well. This is a quick look at how that all works and a tip to be extra careful.

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27 Replies to “Inserting SIM and SD Card in Galaxy S8 / S8+”

  1. Droid Life

    We get it, some of you take the world too seriously. But some people don't know everything. In fact, over a million people watched our Galaxy S7 SIM card video. Lots of people aren't techie and need help. This is a beginners' guide type of video. Just ignore it if you already know this stuff. Thanks.

  2. Maia Chew

    I was too lazy to go through the manual so I searched up my questions, including where the SIM card slot is 🙂
    People, if you think you know all, at least don't shit on others who are helping Samsung users to get used to their phones

  3. nic ole

    Thanks a bunch 👍😁 I had a 183 gig card & filled that up in about 9 months so I did get the 256. Glad I didn't get the 400 gigs, does anybody know if that would work? He sd it works with up to 256, has anybody tried a 400 gig memory card in an S8+?

  4. gregwith2gs

    Can anyone help me resolve an issue I'm having? My s8+ doesn't seem to recognize the 128gb SD card that I inserted. I keep getting a warning (via My Files) that I'm "dangerously low on space."

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