iNDS How To Get Nintendo DS Games on your iOS Device! 9.3.2 & ↓ (NO JAILBREAK) (NO COMPUTER)

Currently WORKING but for a Permanent Solution for iNDS and more try Buildstore:
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Website for iNDS:

Website used to download Pokemon Games:

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33 Replies to “iNDS How To Get Nintendo DS Games on your iOS Device! 9.3.2 & ↓ (NO JAILBREAK) (NO COMPUTER)”

  1. Desireable_Pro

    Can someone help me? I went to emuparadise, and it wont show the pokemon games. Even though I tapped P, and went to the Nintendo DS games, it wont show pokemon games. Please someone send me a link or just tell me what's wrong.

  2. hiep heo

    i cant download iDNS :(( it's always say : could not be installed at this time, i google and tried many ways to fix this problem but it not works :(( other apps can download normally but this one cant , pls help

  3. HDOP

    Okay I seem to be the only one with this fucking problem.

    When installing iNDS (I'm on iOS 9 btw), it says when installing, I have to "trust". Now I've done it before on other apps. But it doesn't show up on Device Management. It's the same old ones that's been there for ages. It tells me to trust it, and the app itself won't install.

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