HTC U11 Camera Comparison vs S8, Pixel, XZ Premium, iPhone 7 Plus

HTC U11 camera vs Galaxy S8, Pixel, Xperia XZ Premium and iPhone 7 Plus: We compare the mobile cameras on the HTC U11 and its biggest 2017 rivals from Samsung, Sony, LG and Apple.

Our mighty camera comparison pits the HTC U11’s UltraPixel 3 camera against the best mobile snappers out there: Samsung’s Galaxy S8, Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium, the Google Pixel and Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus.

Here’s the results of our full U11 camera comparison test and check out our full U11 camera review. We’ve also reviewed the camera tech on the S8, XZ Premium, LG G6 and iPhone 7 Plus, if you want to know more about their features and check out more photo and video samples.

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39 Replies to “HTC U11 Camera Comparison vs S8, Pixel, XZ Premium, iPhone 7 Plus”

  1. Waselt

    I can't decide whether I should buy iphone 7 or htc u11 but after the reviews I've watched the favors are on htc's side can someone assist with their own opinions?
    EDIT: shitty grammar

  2. Adam Xyz

    nice paid review, htc is a garbage company. a squeezable phone with literally nothing else.

    htc is a trash company, my htc 10 died after 7 months, I sent it in for repair, after a month of calling them everyday they finally admitted they had lost it. scum bags then told me they would not send me a new one but instead I'd have to wait until they got enough parts for htc 10. a week later after cussing them out on the phone and threatening them, they sent me a piece of shit refurbished htc 10. the phone has a broken rear camera that is always grainy, I can't make calls on it without crazy echoing from an obviously broken mic and noise cancellation hardware, also the gps is broken, it tells me I'm in a different city.

    so if you want to Gamble and buy a subpar phone from a scumbag shit company like htc to ahead, when it beaks, and it will, get ready to get screwed because they are unethical scum. just Google their reviews, worst company ever.

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