HTC HD2 vs iPhone 3GS: Internet Browsing

HD2 vs. iPhone 3GS: Homescreen Utility:

This is a comparison of the internet experience on the HD2 versus the iPhone 3GS

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32 Replies to “HTC HD2 vs iPhone 3GS: Internet Browsing”

  1. anthony swank

    @minimarks1 lol i understand why u think its shit bro im guarnteeing tht you got it when it first came out and they were shit when the first batch wus out then they released a second batch and those ran perfect the iphone sucks its just an ipod touch but u can calll ooooooooooooooooh so cool

  2. server hercules

    i phone will never lose … having more than 100k apps that can put any experience in an app ..will always be better than a stupid slightly better hardware performance.. its the truth guys face itttttttttttttt 🙂

  3. toot root

    i have the hd2 now it is total shit, i was going to buy the iphone 3gs, but i liked the hd2 so i am no windows hater, but the 3gs is so much better, apart from a slightly smaller screen!!

  4. Chase Rade

    This guy did not turn off the phone service on hd2 because if you use the phone service while you are using the wifi,it's gonna be a few seconds slow and as you can see see the iphone is only using the wifi with no service so that why it was faster than the hd2.

  5. yousuf575

    fuq i phone its so stupet and unuseful its slow and i tried to open the gps its like chewing a deck its downloading take forever till the new century comes fuq i phone and these millions of milliones of options on the iphone homepage you see this and this and this to pick optional thing you want but htc hd 2 is faster quicker looks more pretty goode performance the iphone pees on the ground like you in public

  6. kuzia1984

    first of all you can install a lot of OS`s on the iphone 😉 … you can have an iphone which has its inbuilt os … you can have windows 95 … androide….even symbian … and its touch interface…god,the best there will ever be … stop hating…iphone is,at this moment…the best phone in the world …

  7. Exbrolly2000

    @AMARAT101 doesnt matter what proccesor the hd2 has you moron, apple made their devices finger friendly and made them fastest as possible with their proccesors so no one cares what hardware it has

  8. ChaosBYwarlock

    Diese ganzen HTC's etc. sind meiner meinung nach Nachbauten vom Iphone allgemein. Die hersteller sehen welch einen Boom Apple mit dem Iphone geschafft hat, und zudem welch einen Umsatz. Dies hat zufolge das die Firmen wie LG, HTC……. etc. alle solch ein Produkt auf den Markt bringen wollen um solch einen Erfolg zu schaffen wie Apple es geschafft hat!!! Ipohne ist und bleibt das beste Smartphone!…

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