How to turn Notification Edge Lighting On/Off Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus

How to turn on edge lighting when you receive notifications on the Samsung Galaxy S8. In this tutorial i will show how to turn on this cool lighting that lights up the edge of your Galaxy S8 /S8 Plus when you receive a notification alert.

Tutorial videos for the Galaxy S8:

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37 Replies to “How to turn Notification Edge Lighting On/Off Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus”

  1. Nicolas F

    Thanks for the video! I've got Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018), and bought an official cover case for it, that has special edges for amplifying edge lighting notifications, but I haven't found how to turn it on. Can somebody help me, please? 🙂

  2. Zoe Rivera

    Does anyone know how to turn off the blue light notification? I can't find any videos of it and it's really bothering my vision,if anyone can help,thank you 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

  3. Dana M.

    Go to setting, write vision on search bar or go to display down to where it says vision on the looking for more section or you can go to accessibility the click vision. After you d in d one of these, click voice assistance, set it up (keep double tapping next through the tutorial ) when done go back and double tap to turn on dark screen then  go back and turn off voice assistance.  Make sure the edge light is set up to wide so you can see it clearly.  It should be working by then if not restart your phone . This should work after you unlock your phone. You can lock the screen then run a test trial( I had someone text me) and it worked

  4. Andrew Nicholas

    Thank you for telling me on the video that you have to have the screen down or sun sensor covered for the edge lighting to work with the screen off. I've been trying to make the edge lighting work with the screen off didn't know you had to have the phone down or the light sensor covered

  5. Rina

    off topic, but I have a note 8, and I dont get any LED the one in the top left corner small LED (NOTIFICATIONS) from TEXT MESSAGES—when in mute mode, sucks! anyway to make it work when muted?

  6. Matthew Panagis

    Is anyone having problems with this? I can get the edge lighting to work for everything except messages. The lighting seems to work when the screen is on and I'm in a different app, but doesn't work like his first example did. Any help would be awesome!!!!

  7. Tejinder Singh Bhatti

    please help me. i used to have s6 edge and then updated to s7 edge. now today i just bought brand new s6edge and updated to the latest version. But i don't know how to choose colours for edge people anymore. did they moved that feature out of it? and also when i used to miss a call or receive a message without knowing it used to give me an option to slide the notification from right or left pannel depending on which side my edge panel is. its not there anymore either.

    plz help me understand it. perhaps it shows notifications just like a normal notification on the screen instead of colourful slide notifications out of 5 people i chose 😕

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