How to Save iOS 11.4.1 SHSH2 Blobs For Future DOWNGRADE / JAILBREAK (And Why You Should)

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In today’s video, I am going to show you how to save the SHSH2 blobs for #Downgrade and #Jailbreak in the future for #iOS 11.4.1. iOS 11.4.1 is currently signed and you can save the SHSH2 tickets for it. You would probably ask me why would you save SHSH2 blobs for a version that is signed especially since there is currently no jailbreak for iOS 11.4.1. Well, the answer is…

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22 Replies to “How to Save iOS 11.4.1 SHSH2 Blobs For Future DOWNGRADE / JAILBREAK (And Why You Should)”

  1. Matthew Landell

    F.C.E. 365 TV – iDevice Central In terms of jailbreaking, should I stay on 11.4.1 or save my blobs for 11.4.1 and update to iOS 12? I've never down/upgraded using SHSH blobs before so I'm scared that it won't work even though TSScheck says all 4 of my blobs are valid. Please help!

  2. Harry Sutton

    Hey GeoSn0w, I've got a question to ask.. when I use TSS saver and I put my ECID code and my Identifier(what IPhone I have) in it. It also comes up with another option saying Internal Name/Model | Board Configuration :….. what do I put? please reply as fast as possible because I really need help. Thanks (btw I have a iPhone SE)

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