How To Run Kodi On The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

How to get Kodi working on your Galaxy s9 or s9 plus

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14 Replies to “How To Run Kodi On The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus”

  1. Rosalin Spence

    Thank you for the information! I downloaded Kodi onto my phone but i don't see the "In Theater" tab! Did I miss something while downloading it? FYI…You were going pretty fast I had to keep rewinding the video to watch the tabs you were pressing, that was the only way I got it.

  2. Ms. Tammy Curry

    Slow down!! No one can see what you see. Learn to make videos that teaches people how to do this or just do not do it at all. What if I didn't get the same screen as you did? What how do I fix it speedy Gonzalez huh?

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